#OOTM, or Outfit of the Monday

What is the purpose of #OOTM? To inspire myself and others to start their week off on a positive note. I decided that instead of rolling out of bed and wearing sweatpants to class on Mondays, I was going to take the time to look good. Because when you look good, you feel good! (Am I right or what?!)

OOTM: November 3, 2014

I had to dress up for a class presentation, so this is a liiiittle boring. It was super chilly all weekend, so I was looking for a way to dress up and add a little splash of summer without being tacky. I went with this super huge flower that matched my shirt. Besides that, I stuck with black dress pants, a black blazer and some black flats. I kept it simple today. Also, my hair looks orange in the full body pic. I also look semi pregnant. I promise that I'm don't have orange hair and I promise I'm not pregnant. Probably just a food baby from Qdoba today. Besides that, enjoy me trying to make a "mean muggin'" face. I was feeling sassy this afternoon.

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